Friday, 25 December 2015

Flight 43- The Christmas-Pit

Hanukkah Blessings - Barenaked Ladies
It Snowed Last Night - Meaghan Smith

Christmas is Calling - Roch Voisine
Sitting by the Fire - Sharon, Lois and Bram - Lois Lillenstein

Darkest Carols, Faithful Sing - Christopher Lee
Mistress for Christmas - AC/DC - AC*lightning bolt*DC

Grandma Got Run-Over By a Reindeer - The Irish Rovers
Christmas Night - Tyler Gilbert

Deck the Stills - BNL (I think it would be great to come out of the commercials with this)30sec
Christmas - The Who

Back Door Santa - BB King
Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow - Jethro Tull

Winter Wonderland - Scott Weiland
12 Days of Christmas - Bob and Doug McKenzie
Thank God It's Christmas - Queen

The Christmas Sweater - A Hopefully True Poem By Pilot
Christmas dawned early for Pilot that year
Stirred by the squeals of his offspring came to his ear
“I’m not getting up” he grumbled out loud
“I won’t get what I want so why even go down”

“Don’t be a grinch” The Stewardess responded
“let’s go see if the kids got what they wanted”
“Fine!” said Pilot and he stomped down the stairs
“But I’m cold and unfashionable and nobody cares!”

There in the parlour knee deep spread about
Piles of coloured paper and kids heads popping out
“Well I’m glad you’re all happy” he was heard to remark
As he turned to the kitchen to make coffee – extra dark.

When suddenly a ring at the bell caused a stir
The dogs they went crazy, the kids began to whirrr!
“Is it Baba, Red or The Navigator, WHO?”
“Let me answer the door and find out, now SHOO!”

Pilot opened the door to a confusing sight
There stood the mailman with a beard all of white
“Sign here” was his greeting as he presented a box
and before Pilot was done scribbling, he was gone like a fox

“What is it, What is it” the children did sing
“I don’t know” he replied “I’m not expecting anything”
He untied the bow and peeled back the paper
and with his trusty pocket knife he opened the container

There wrapped in gold and green tissue so tight
A Ghostbusters cardigan all red, silver and white
“Great Scott” he exclaimed “this thing is so rad!”
“Now I’ll be the very coolest Christmas Dad!”

Back up the stairs he dashed double quick
and threw on the cardigan and a red turtleneck.
And grabbing his pipe he sat down on the couch
Rubbed his fat belly and let out a big Christmas belch.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Flight 42 - The Cochrane-pit - With Special Guests Desert Island Classics and Taron Cochrane!

Victoria - Desert Island Classic
Cherry Red - Golden Smoke

Buscando da Felicidad - Las Moskas (Mexico)
Kaikoma (feat. Valentina Reptile) - Skyharbor (India)

Saskatchewan Border - The Peanut Butter Genocide
Manikewan Ocean Dream - Wizards - Saskatoon

The Howler - iamthemorning (Russia)
Anthem - Rush

Fix Me - Rah Rah
The Day We Soared - Pilot to Bombardier

Lonar - The Program (UK)

Friday, 11 December 2015

Flight 41 - Not the Reckoning

Lady Picture Show - STP
Sure Shot - Intervals (Brand spanking new last week)

Broken - Motherjane (India)
Lady On The Mountaintop - Tyler Gilbert

Dig or Seal - Laska (YQR)
Show Me Your Eyes - Royal Canoe

Come the Spring - Amorphis (Finland)
Pictures of Lily - The Who

Picture Elvis - Moist
Burn This Village To Save It - Copshades

Show of Hands - Victor Wooten
Journey to Discovery - Ioearth (UK)

Lucky Lady - Cosmic Charley
Zero Mass - Third Ion (YQR)

Friday, 4 December 2015

Flight 40 - Industry Beef

Death on Two Legs - Queen
The Sound of Muzak - Porcupine Tree

Code of the Road - Danko Jones
Blackball - Bigelf

Stage Presents - Coherency
The Critic - Five Alarm Funk

Will Drop Pants for Airplay - Nancy Vandals
Limelight - Rush

Showbiz - Muse
Just Let Me Breath - Dream Theater

Entertainaz - Fur Eel
This Note’s For You - Neil Young

Friday, 27 November 2015

Flight 39 - The League of One!

Monuments in Yellow Lights - Friends of Foes
Red Cloud - One Bad Son

Orange Monkey - Hawkeyes
Golden Hour - Sam Roberts

Red Barchetta - Rush
Etheric Silver Lining - Sparky

Kill Kakarot 1-3 (15 min)
Robert the Plant (9 min)

Magnolia - Pineapple Thief
Dandelion - Audioslave
Hello Lady - Samson

Friday, 20 November 2015

Flight 38

Wannabe in LA - Eagles Of Death Metal
Ultimate Nullifier - Shooting Guns

The Governess - Metric - We have a “Shit” in this one
Dandelion - Druckfarben

Tame as the Wild Ones - Whitehorse
All My Life I Have Been Running - Evening Hymns

These Chains - Goodbye to Gravity (Romania)
My Hands are Planets - EXXASENS (Spain)

The Futon Party - Moose Jaw Band
Hipercandombé - La Maquina de Hacer Pájaros (Argentina)

Banca Day - Derozer (Italy)
Homo Sapiens - Lazuli (France)

Words Between the Lines of Age - Neil Young - Off “Harvest” LP. Need to include the applause.
Exodus of the Year - Royal Canoe

Friday, 13 November 2015

Episode 37 - The Long Jam Episode

Chronobot - Chronobot (12:56)
Xanadu - Rush (11:07)

Anesthetize - Porcupine Tree (17:43)
Black Man Cry - Fela Kuti and Ginger Baker (11:38)

Friday, 6 November 2015

Flight 36 - Pilot's Gone

Consider Yourself - Half Moon Run
#Addicted - Riverside (Poland)

Watch Me Move - Fefe Dobson
Whatcha Doin - The Pistolwhips (‘toon)

I Want More - The Hives-UK
Turntail - Caligula’s Horse (Australia)

Astronauts and Dragonflies - The Parlotones - S Africa
Burn It Away - Shockflesh (‘toon)

Bunnayn(za) - Bumbu Sauce (Pakistan)
Brahma’s Dance - Agam (India)

Jumbo Jet Hangover - Limblifter
Give It a Rest - Bend Sinister

Kill the Mastodon - The League of One
How Long - The Winery Dogs (USA)

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Flight 35 - Halloween Special - Mr Mechanic

Everything Dies - Type O Negative

I Put A Spell On You - Nina Simone
Vampira - Devin Townsend Band

Nightmare - Bloody Diamonds
Graveyard Shift - Sam Roberts

Psycho Killer - One Bad Son
Afterlife - Avenged Sevenfold

Ghosts - Rah Rah
Chupacabras - Chixdiggit

Of Ghosts and Goblins - The Moon Runners
Where's Your Soul? - Herb and the Humans

The Raven That Refused To Sing - Steven Wilson

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Flight 34 - Moose Jaw to Phobos

We wanna remind you all to check out "The Rok Boutique" hosted by our good friend and station mate Kent Rocks.  He's bringing in some deep deep cut rock to the station and if I know Kent, he's bringing in some of the best fresh cuts you've ever tasted.  Check The Rok Boutique out this coming Tuesday at 9PM at the same great place you catch us : 91.3 FM CJTR - Regina Community Radio.

Recognizer - For Akia  - (Greenland)
C zzyzx - Library Voices - #yqr

Witness - Mew (Denmark)
Walk the Wire - Boy & Bear - (Australia)

C I Used To Pray For The Heavens To Fall - The Dears #yul
C Use It - The New Pornographers - #yvr

The Dance of the Mountain Ghost - Kylver (Scandinavia)
Sweethead - The Sting - United States of America #lax

C Coming Out of the Yee Haw - Highwind #ymj
Perforate Minds - Phobos -(Austria)

C Vessel - Dan Mangan + Blacksmith #yvr
C Dead Dogs Love Us Still - Carbon Dating Service yxe

C It Will Never End - Bend Sinister
C A Moment of Weakness - Bif Naked # yvr

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Flight 33 - An Average Day at the Office

I Feel Love (Every Million Miles) - The Dead Weather
For Her Love Pt. II - Bears in Hazenmore
Lucky Lady - Cosmic Charley 
Set Guitars to Kill - And So I Watch You From Afar 
The Enemy - Mother Night
A Quick Death in Texas - Clutch
Complexity - Eagles of Death Metal
Battle of the Gods - Anna Phoebe 
Alas del Deseo - Adictox - Cuba
Speck of Dust - With The Birds
Call You Out **** - Violent Kin
Psychic attack - The Radiation Flowers 
Videnie - Balkandji
C Morose Seclusion - Into Eternity

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Flight 32 - Stick It In Your Face Hole!

Poutine - The Dreadnoughts
Butter Ball - Big Sugar
Candy Says - Blind Melon
Egg Sandwich - Nancy Vandals (Australia) Cinnamon Girl - Type O Negative
Food Party - The Barenaked Ladies 1:40
Lasagna - Weird Al
Like Butter - Bad Comrade
Chocolate Milk - Fleece
My Heart is an Apple - The Arcade Fire
Sugar Mountain - Neil Young
Sugar, Sugar - The Wailers (Jamaica)
Ice Cream Datsun - Beautiful UFO
Throwing Up - The Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Friday, 2 October 2015

Flight 31 - Radiothon Special - The Airshow/Self-Destruct Sequence

Tonight's show started off innocently enough as a musical air show.  Unfortunately due to Pilot's ineptitude, the self-destruct sequence was accidentally triggered, which created a very tense incentive to raise funds for Radiothon 2015.

We raised a few dollars and had some fun on the show, thanks to everyone who has donated to Radiothon 2015, it's your donations that keep community radio alive!

High Hopes - Junior Pantherz
Xcentrix - Pilot
Helicopters - Barenaked Ladies
Fly From Here Part I(We Can Fly) - YES
Cassandra Complex - Star One
Number City - Coheed & Cambria
Psychotron - Megadeth
Robot - Five Alarm Funk
Tripping The Alarm - Clutch
Money City Maniacs - Sloan
Hounds of God - Shooting Guns
White Riot - The Clash
Falling Bombs - Bigelf
Battle - Maxstone
Planet Smasher - Devin Townsend
Leave - REM
Thunder and Lightning - Bend Sinister
Nervous Breakdown - Breach of Trust
Microburst Alert - OSI
Mass Hysteria - Social Distortion
Murderer - Wintersleep
Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth Before it is Recycled - Porcupine Tree
CQ DX : Seeking Distant Stations - Bears In Hazenmore
The End - The Doors

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Flight 30 - Cowbellz!

- featuring guest expert Professor Michael Van Betuw, Dean of Bovine Audio Location Techniques at Westington College, Weyburn Campus

Moby Dick/Bono’s Montreux - Led Zepplin
Short Skirt, Long Jacket - Cake 
C Fifty-Mission Cap - The Tragically Hip
Ignoreland - REM 
Hey Ladies - Beastie Boys
Sick and Tired - Screaming Jets
C In The Mood - Rush
C I Should Know  - Sheepdogs
Hair of the Dog - Nazareth
C Skeletin - The Criminal Kid 
Stone Free - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
C Let It In - Sam Roberts 

Flight 29 - Chicks Rock! with guests Lunar Lander Dance Commander!

Nightmare - Bloody Diamonds
Circadian Rhythm - Silversun Pickups
Even Know - Divine Chaos

Our special guests Lunar Lander Dance Commander played one of their new tracks "Creeper" on the show for us as well.

Stay - Anneke Van Giersbergen (Netherlands)
In Space - Rah Rah
Servitude - Jordan Reyne
Mother’s Daughter - Pandacorn
To The Edge - Lacuna Coil
Samson - Hello Lady

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Flight 28 - The Navigator Builds a Particle Excelerator (The Cockpit Jumps the Shark)

Battle - Maxstone
Weak Fantasy - Nightwish
Love is a Real Thing - Super Eagles - The Gambian Republic
We’re All Alone - Highwind
Moon & Stars - The Ripperz
Wall of Gold - The Radiation Flowers 11:59 - Michael Franti & Spearhead
Interstice - Galaxie
Le Fou Muet - The Black Skirts - South Korea
A Smart Kid - Porcupine Tree
Emperor Penguin - The Tragically Hip.
Hypocrite - Majetik
Broken Swallows - Royal Red brigade

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Flight 27 - MC Navigator

C Flood Season - Fountains of Youth (toon)
Pagida - Motivo4
C Take the Mirror - White Lung
L The Change - Tolmao
Never Enough - Dream Theater
L Conspiranoia - Morally Sound
Naughty Boy - Cheeto’s Magazine
The Race - Oh Pep!
Liar - Yngwie Malmsteen
C Natty Dread Rock - Big Sugar
C Set Phasers to DOOM!! - Chronobot

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Flight 26 - The Owl Family Reunion

Burn It - Dirtbred
In and Of Itself - The Junior Pantherz
Kattey - Ram Sampath - India
White Limo - Foo Fighters
Hang You From the Heavens - The Dead Weather
Hour of the Wolf - Shockflesh (Toon)
Juke Box High - The Spitfires
Toccata and Fugue in Dm - Dan Mumm
Feathery - Milky Chance - Germany
To Stay Here - Young Benjamins (toon)
Pretty Shameful - Hello Lady -
Convinced of the Hex - The Flaming Lips
Last Man - Stepchyle

And if you stuck around after the break, you'll know that Uncle Jed got his wish and the Owl Family had a great jam on "Fly By Night" by Rush.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Flight 25 - Crazy Hat Day!!!

 Airwaves - Bears in Hazenmore
 Locked in the Trunk of a Car - The Hip
 Veranos - caramelos di cianuro - Venezuela
 Atlanticism - Silent Era
 Light & Shade - Ioearth
 We’re all In - Royal Red Brigade
 Chaos - Sonic Orchid
 Wake Up! - Gentlemans -Italy
 Time Beyond Time - Ayreon
 GeoCities Kitty - Chixdiggit
 Along These Lines - Fountains of Youth
 Hell - Teagan & Sara
 Shockwave Supernova - Joe Satriani

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Flight 24 : The Cockpit Goes TO SPACE!!!!

Cosmos Rockin’ - Queen feat Paul Rodgers
Hyperdrive! - Devin Townsend Project
Countdown - Rush
Space Oddity - Commander Chris Hadfield
Enough Space - Foo Fighters
Starseed - Our Lady Peace
Astronaut - Wintersleep
Singularity - Linger
One More Astronaut - IME
Astronomy - Metallica
Terraform Mars - Carbon Dating Service
Galaxy Song - Eric Idle

Remember to check out the new Bears in Hazenmore EP "Airwaves" on Bandcamp.  It's a great album and it's "Pilot Approved"

Also apologies to NASA for first stealing then accidentally destroying the Voyager 2 Golden Record. The Navigator said you can have your pick of his Phil Collins records to make up for it.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Flight 23 - 2 Hour Cruise

I Hear You Calling (Gob) - Whale Eye
Having a Blast - Green Day
Chip off the Heart- Rah Rah
My Life - Orphan Mothers
A World Soaked In Gold (Siesta) - Volcanoeless in Canada
Journey to the Center of the Earth - Five Alarm Funk
On Your Side - The Pistolwhips
Strangers - Portishead
The Devil’s Engine - I Mother Earth
Endangered Ape is a Sex Robot - Hot Blood Bombers
Wax Simulacra - The Mars Volta
The Roar - Keretta
The Lines In My Hand - Opeth
Taste You - Auf de Mar
Moment Marauder - Intervals
A Commotion - Feist
What You Are - Audioslave
Tic Tac - Keith Kouna
Madhatter - Bigelf
Watch Them Fly - Ghosts of Modern Man
Blood - Blackfield
Big Balls - AC/DC
Halo - Porcupine Tree
Panic Switch - Silversun Pickups
Escape - The League of One
Gum - Cornelius

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Episode 22 - Moving Back to Our Parent's Basement

Ignition - PIlot to Bombardier
Across the Sea - Weezer
Adrift - Barenaked Ladies
If I Had a House - Royal canoe
Living for the Future - Violent Kin
Movin’ Out - Aerosmith
Please Make it Home - Sylvie
Skin and Bones - Bloody Diamonds       Toronto
Sleeping on the Sidewalk - Queen
Safe as House- aKING. 
Love Train - Wolfmother
Amazon Motel - Bif Naked

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Flight 21 - Back from Shore Leave!!!

Best Friend - We Cut Corners & Jape (Ireland)
The Beginning and the End - Anathema (UK)
Lanzaplatos - Chico Truillo (Chile)
She Don’t Give It Up - Bend Sinister
Sweet Dreams are Made of a Seven Nation Army - Eurithmics & The White Stripes
Stitch it Time - The Smashing Pumpkins
Shanghai - Hollerado
Sweet Surrender - Evening Hymns
Song for Johnny Tillman - These Estates
 - On Bandcamp
Spy in the Sky - Shooting Guns
Red Sector A - RUSH
Across the Universe - The Beatles
See You When I Go - The Steadies
Broken - Flood the Stone

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Episode 20 - Hybrids of the World Unite

Teacher / Bungle In The Jungle / Rainbow Blues / Locomotive Breath - Jethro Tull
New Mother Nature/No Sugar - The Guess Who
Have Fun - Screaming Daisies
Write me a Myth - Library Voices - Like the humble mule, Library Voices
My Love, My Blood - The Rabid Whole
Constellations - The Weakerthans & Jim Bryson - The Falcon Lake Incident
Trogdor - Strong Bad
Bears in Hazenmore - These Northern Mountains
Karn Evil 9 - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Stylo - Gorillaz
Money - The Flaming Lips with Stardeath and White Dwarfs
Like a Rolling Stone (Live @ Newport) - Bob Dylan and The Hawks

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Episode 19 - The Sunny Beaches of Canada

Canada - Devin Townsend
Last Time Alone - Sonic Orchid
Freewill - Rush
Encyclopedia - Wintersleep
A New Shore - Steven Page
Archie, Marry Me - Alvvays
The City - League of Wolves
Summer Dress - July Talk
Theme from Mr. Dressup - The Holy Gasp (Originally done by Donald Himes)
Robotic - Hanna Georgias
The Animals - WHOOP-Szo (Originally done by Elevator)
Wild Eyes - The Stampeders
Death Rattle - These Estates

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Episode 18

Hundred Million - Treble Charger
Witch Hunt - Pandas In Japan
The W.A.N.D. - The Flaming Lips
Gameshow Massacre - Beautiful UFO
Tripping on Shedded Skin - Silent Era
This Too Shall Pass - OK GO
Tired Hands - Little Criminals
What I Hold - All Mighty Voice
Divorcee PT.2 (Empty House) - Me and My Anatomy
Three Headed Woman - Boy & Bear
The Game - 3
At Your Word - The Odds
Evangelina - Whitehorse
Locomotive Breath - Jethro Tull

And per the on-air discussion about the music for Super Mario Bros.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Cockpit Goes to the Potty - 2 Hour Special! #💩

Some stinky good fun in one of our "crappiest" shows, we explored the serious, the hilarious, the social and the philosophical subject of the bathroom! We also had David Roman and Nikki Kish in the studio to drop 2 brand new tracks for you the listeners and they were great sports, sticking around to join in on the fun!

 Be sure to check out David Roman and his other projects at

 The tracks will see official release next Tuesday and we will update you here and on our social media accounts when those tracks drop!!!

 It’s Revolution (Reprise) - American Standard
Flushed From The Bathroom of Your Heart - Johnny Cash
Parasite - How to Destroy Angels
I Forgot to Wipe My Bum - The Toilet Bowl Cleaners
Taking Care of Business - BTO

Nikki Kish - Control This

Song for World Toilet Day.
Filthy Flow - Gwar
Break Like the Wind - Spinal Tap
The Pressure - We Were Lovers
Potty Training Song - Jon Lajoie
Deconstruction - Devin Townsend Project
Bedside Manor - BNL (Bathroom Sessions)
The Fart Song by the Toilet Bowl Cleaners

 The Valley - David Roman

 Bathtubs - Royal Canoe
Wet My Bed - Stone Temple Pilots
Piece of Crap - Neil Young
A Complicated Song - Weird Al
Eat the Rich - Aerosmith
 The Fire Down Below - Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
Rock Your Socks - Tenacious D
Good Old Newfie Outhouse - Bobby Evans
Shaving Cream- Benny Bell
Stinkfist - Tool

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Episode 16 - Water Landing

Episode 16 was a fun one!  To celebrate the easing of the water reduction in Regina the past few weeks we celebrated by filling the Cockpit with water - with - expected results.

Tribute was paid to the recently departed Christopher Lee, he will be missed, but his life is greatly appreciated.

We were also granted an early listen to the new release of The Extroverts 1979 demo.  Be sure to check them out Friday Jun 12/15 at O'Hanlon's for the official release!

Cry - The Florals
Just Dance - Whiskey Manner
Sweet Things - The Pretty Reckless
My Way - Christopher Lee
Everybody Mosh - Listen to This
Devil on the Run - Son Howler
Fungus Man 
Brave New World -The Extroverts
Aerials - System of a Down
Green Valley - Puscifer
Dear Past Self - Friends of Foes
Bridge to Nowhere - Sam Roberts
My Body is a Cage - Peter Gabriel

Thursday, 4 June 2015


 Renegades of Funk - RATM
 So Alone - Surf Dads
 Satch Boogie - Joe Satriani
 13/8 Bit - Third Ion
 Invisible Diamonds - Northcote
 Freedom Fighter - Andino Suns
 Are You Satisfied? - Reignwolf
 Hay Loft - Mother, Mother
 Black as the Sky - Transatlantic
 Radioactivity - Kraftwerk
 Saskatchewan Border- The Peanut
 Butter Genocide
 Monstrous - Bad Comrade

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

CJTR Garage Sale is this Saturday June 6!

We spent a few hours tonight hauling dusty vinyl and CD's so you can come get UNREAL deals on some great music.  Doors open at 9, at 1102 8th Ave!!!!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

HEARTS&KNIVES Live in Studio!!

Tonight we were delighted to welcome and host the brand new 3 piece lineup of HEARTS&KNIVES in studio. They played a couple songs with us and were gracious interviewees. We found out that they do not have a favourite Ninja Turtle and we concluded that bass players are the fun parts of the band. 

Tonight's Set-List
 Wake and Bake - Fleece
 Edge of the Road - Johnny 2 Fingers and The Deformities
That’s All - Zeus (Genesis Cover)
 Dimestore Diamond - Gossip


 Sentry The Defiant - Coheed & Cambria
Deaf Whales - Sparky
 Airwaves - Kraftwerk - By Request of Hearts&Knives 

 HEARTS&KNIVES - In Conclusion

Again a thousand thanks to HEARTS&KNIVES for coming by our little show and sharing some great music.  I hope you agree with us that they sounded great!  

Check out HEARTS&KNIVES at so hear songs, check out show dates and more!

Or hook up with them like we do on Twitter at or Facebook

Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Navigator says it's episode 11, Pilot says episode 13

Vinyl Spin Burner- One Bad Son (2:51)
Galleons - Ahnabith Gish (2:30)
Gold Lion - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs (3:07)
What’s the Buzz - Christo Graham (4:14)
We Don’t Believe What’s On TV - 21 Pilots
Drive - R.E.M. (4:31)
White Riot - The Clash (1:59)
King - Beardfish
Mother Night - The Enemy (5:11)
Real Horse Footage - Shooting Guns (5:13)
I Was Odd and I was Strange-The Lambta Da’s (3:11)
Back in the City - Fountains of Youth (3:15)
Pretty Voice - Sloan (3:09)

We have a full slate of good things coming up for you all to enjoy!

Pilot and The Navigator will be manning the CJTR table at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair on Saturday between 10 and 11 so please stop by and say hello and make some requests for upcoming shows.

Next week we have HEARTS & KNIVES live in studio, so tune in for some songs and some interviews.

And finally we are working on our next 2 hour special coming up on June 18, stay tuned for more information on that!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Playbill : The Cockpit Goes to the Opera : Red's Revenge

The Coming of Age

*The Young Gypsy - Aleko - Rachmaninoff (2:00)
New Born - Muse (6:03)
Youth - Friends of Foes (4:37)
Into the Bliss - Lords Kitchner (3:27)
*Don’t Feel Like Comin’ Down - Fur Eel (3:35)
To Be the Best - Tenacious D (1:00)
Cowboys From Hell - Pantera (4:06)

The Love - The Affair

Bimba, Bimba, Non Piangere - Madama Butterfly - Puccini (2:01)

Spring Romance - Bend Sinister (3:09)
Trotzdem - Kleinbottle (3:57)
*I Want You So Bad - Hot Blood Bombers (2:18)
Show Me Your Eyes - Royal Canoe (3:17)
Love in an Elevator - Aerosmith (5:22)
El Scorcho - Weezer - (4:00)
Gentleman - July Talk (3:20)

The Falling out

Via Resti Servita, Madame Brilliante - Le Nozze Di Figaro - Mozart (2:08)

Distant Early Warning - Rush (4:57)
*Don’t Sit Down Because I’ve Moved Your Chair - Arctic Monkeys (3:04)
*The Finger - Danko Jones (2:26)
Traitor - Motorhead (3:17)
Enemies - Hannah Georgas (4:09)  

The Battle

Di Gelloso Amor Spezzato - Il Trovatore - Verdi (2:30)
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots - The Flaming Lips - (2:58)
Ziltoidia Attaxx!!! - Devin Townsend (3:43)
Straight Shot - League of Wolves (3:49)
Tattered Banner and Bloody Flags - Amon Amarth (4:30)
Raw Dog - Dream Theater (7:34)
The Hero - Queen (3:30)
Thanks That Was Fun - BNL (3:40)
The Lost Plot - Fish (5:17)

Ending Credits - Opeth (3:39)

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Cockpit Goes to The Opera : Episode One : Red's Revenge

Tomorrow night, May 14, 2015 Pilot and Navigator will be presenting a 2 hour special episode "The Cockpit Goes to The Opera : Episode One : Red's Revenge"  starting at 10 PM Sk Time.  

We're going to be introducing selections from Rachmaninoff (or Rachmaninov as we know him in the hood), Mozart, Verdi and Rossini.  These beginners and all your favourite artists are only a flight away.  

Telling the story of our mascot, Red The Invisible Purple Snow Owl, his coming of age, his first love : and the epic battle that ensued.  It is two hours of radio not to be missed.  

Tune in at our SPECIAL EARLY HOUR - 10PM Tuesday May 14/15 - jump in the car and turn it up y'all!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Episode 11 - In no Particular Order ...

Rising Son - Clutch
I’ll Believe in You - The Tragically Hip

You Don’t Need Me - The Snowbirdz
Step it Out Mary - The Navigators

You and Jake - Evening Hymns
Longitudinal Centre - John K Sampson

Conversations - Finger Eleven
Fairman the Pirate - Listen to This

The Navigators Pick : Four Guitars - Cheeto’s Magazine - Spain
Pilot's Pick - Dalai Lama - Rammstein - Germany

Heart of Gold - Neil Young   
Hard Life - Little River Band

King of Pain. - The Police

Friday, 1 May 2015

Episode 10 EXTRABONANZA!!!

We were very fortunate to welcome our first live guest into the studio last night as well as pulling off a 2 hour set at the last minute to cover for our goof pal Sammy from Saskcentric Electric.

Hello Lady graced (if you can call it that) the CJTR studios and sat in with us as we took the Cockpit all over Canada and Saskatchewan in a very special local-flavour episode.

Make sure to visit Hello Lady online at :

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Episode 7 - Stairway to Heaven? Nope.

Mona Lisa - Dead Sara - USA
Sponsored this song and album through their online crowdsourcing campaign.
I encourage anyone who has a real passion for music to do this.
Fundraisers come with a reward of an album for the cost of an album which is a great way to give a band a leg up.

Put the Poison in My Body - These Estates YQR
Weird ass solo in this one…

I Can Barely See - Herb and the Humans - YQR

“One Night, One Show, One Cause” a fundraiser to help Mike Walsh who was recently diagnosed with lukemia with basic expenses involved in receiving treatment far from home.  @ The Exchange -
$15 @ the door -
Nick Faye,
Vintage Children and
Herb and the Humans,

Pick it up And Dial It - Sloan - Halifax
Chris Murphy and the Chocolate Bar.

Starlight Siren - Braindead Romeo - YQR
Ropes - Meadowlark Lemon - Sudbury
Connection with Sudbury’s Meadowlark Five

Stars  - The Fortunate Isles - YQR  -
Far overdue getting something on for these folks.  TFI played their last show a few weeks back downtown on Pat’s Patio.  So very sad to see them go, I played many good shows with them and they’re all a great crew.

Requiem - Toundra - Spain/North Africa
The One You Left to Die - The Pineapple Thief - UK
Sweet Disaster - Whitehorse - Hamilton
5/4 - iamthemorning - Russia
Karma Police - Easy Star All-Stars - Jamaica
I’m Not Falling Asleep - Andy Shauf - YQR

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Stream Updates!

We've had some very exciting things happening with our 24 hour stream over the last week.  To celebrate, we've introduced nearly 400 new songs from our collection to the stream!  Starting today, you can check out the new songs!

Don't forget to let us know what you like and what you don't over on Twitter @thecockpitradio or on Facebook!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Episode 6 - Reconciliation and RED THE OWL!!!

Well this week brought some peace to The Cockpit and perhaps a new path forward.  We also introduced you, the listener, to our friend and show mascot, Red the Invisible Yellow Snow Owl.

Strut - Danko Jones

Entertainaz - Fur Eel

I Got Love - Ben Sinister

Apples - Dehli 2 Dublin

Cry - The Florals

Future People - Alabama Shakes

Barn Burner - Shooting Guns

Dead Again - Asa

Counting Down the Days - Northcote

Snoopy vs the Red Baron - The Royal Guardsmen

Of Ghosts and Goblins - The Moon Runners

Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys

The Greatest Love (Gentle Version) - The Gentle Storm

Class Action Lawsuit - The Junior Pantherz

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Oh Hello Germany

So this is something that's happening to us.

We set out on The Cockpit as a weekend project slack and has been a spectacular success at that.  The stream at Radionomy has been easy to grow and I think we'll have some fun success at it.  CJTR has been a tonne of fun and we're finding ways to get sillier and stupider every week.

But this little unexpected hiccup happens. All of a sudden this project that features a worldly theme but has a very Canadian focus is very popular in - Germany.  Hallo Deutschland!  Wow!  

So yeah that's pretty amazing!  We're looking for ways to bring Germany more to us here in Canada, and I hope we can keep you all happy!  I'm thinking sauna and beer?

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Episode 4 - Pilot on the Floor

Well some apology is necessary for the delay in positing this flight plan.  Pilot was a little under the weather from the big soy sauce dare on the show.

Pistol Whips - Firebird
Empire Associates - Of Man and Angels
Family Tree- Evening Hymns
Super Hard Boys - Hard on First Sight
Yukon Blonde - Guns
Sylvie - Satellites
Friends of Foe - Light Sleeper - Heavy Dreamer
Alt-J-Left Hand Free
Alex Cuba - Are You
Blue Mammoth - The Sun's Face Through a Dark Cloud
3 - The End is Begin
The Basics - Lucky Country

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Episode 3 - The Campfire Strikes Back

Another flight at the edge of our seats completed and this week we dove in again and soared to some crazy heights.

Remember we're always looking for local acts to play, so send your best to us and we'll try and get it up!

The Touchstone Gurus - Nicotene

Jerran Freeman Fox - People are Strange 

Coherency - Ripple Effect

Flying Colors - Forever and a Day

Junip - The Ghost of Tom Joad

Anathema - Summer High Horizon

Hot Blood Bombers - Midnight Radio

Zeus - Marching Through Your Head

Andrew James O'Brien - On The Radio

Barenaked Ladies - Be My Yoko Ono

Arcade Fire - Deep Blue

Blackfield - Pain

Muse - Psycho

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Episode 2 - Electric Boogaloo

Allright making it happen a second time on CJTR!

Here's our selection of songs tonight!

I Mother Earth - The Devil's Engine

Dirty Old Town - The Pogues

- CJTR Look and Listen Lottery -

Radio Surreal - Lords Kitchner

ATAAAAAAACK - Five Alarm Funk

Sober (Wish For) - Skin Tight Orbit

Terraform Mars - Carbon Dating Service

Scream Like a Bear - Cosmic Charley

Button Fumbla - Royal Canoe

Never Enough - Sam Roberts Band

Enemies - Hanna Georgias

Breaking Hearts - Rah Rah

Cypress Grove - Clutch

Panic Station - Muse

Goblin - Opeth

Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Cockpit on CJTR - Episode 1

Thanks for checking us out and supporting our first episode of The Cockpit!

Here's our playlist from this week :

Intro - Skate or Die Theme

"Black Lace" - July Talk
"Alien Frequency"- Bigelf
"Supercrush" - The Devon Townsend Project
"The Ground Walks with Time in a Box" - Modest Mouse
"Sleep in the Ocean" - Allysia Kerney and David Roman
"How Does it Feel" - Zeus
"The Sound of Muzak" - Porcupine Tree
"Mexican Circus (March to the Holly Dome)" - Volcanoless in Canada
"My Last Goodbye" -  Kinder Scout
"In Came the Flood" - Wintersleep
"Like Butter" - Bad Comrade
"Ariel" - Anathema
"Despair, Hangover and Ecstacy" - The Dø
"Malignant Narcissism" - Rush

The Long Lost Sherlock Holmes Story -

London Calling - CJTR Look and Listen Lottery -

We hope you enjoyed the show, please drop us a line and let us know how you felt!

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Maiden Flight Departs February 26. 2015

Well the flight crew has now finished our training period at 91.3 FM CJTR, Regina Community Radio and we're ready to take off on our maiden voyage.  Tune in this coming Thursday night for the first battle between Pilot and The Navigator.

You can catch the show on 91.3 FM on any reasonably modern radio but there are also several other ways to get your wings!

Tune in on Access Communications - Channel 700
Tune in on SaskTel Max - Channel 806
Visit the CJTR Website and live-stream at
Download the CJTR app by Push Innovations

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Now Streaming Live on STREEMA

Streema - Online Radio Stations

The Cockpit is happy to announce we've been accepted as a channel on Streema Radio and TV.  We're  looking to be listed on many more directories in the coming weeks.  Let us know what your favourite streaming radio provider is so we can be available for you where you are!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

4 Lost Tracks

Every once in a while I go looking for a song I can't find.  If I want it in The Cockpit, I gotta get the MP3 or a CD or a Tape or a wax roll or something.  I'll pay, bite, steal and maybe even other things to get some of these tracks.

Streaming don't cut it.

So while I've found these tracks and loved e'm on Reverbnation, CBC or God help me if you've sent me there *gulp* MySpace, streamed but I can't buy, beg or steal a file.  Here they are in no particular order :

- Orbital Express - I feel like they're a #yqr classic - can't buy a thang online.  "March to Mars" or "Space Station Fornication" and anything else I can get my hands on.!/artists/Orbital-Express

- Barrel Murder - I happen to know I'm gonna have this one in less than a week.  So best get this one on my list now while I can.  "Falls Apart" and "Walsh Acres" are a must.

- The Bull North - Spent a wonderful night in a field in southeast Saskatchewan listening to this band.  Need to repay them a favour.  "When I Come Down" and "Man Against Sloth". Oh heck and "

- The Marching Martian Marshmellotrons - Am I looking for them because of their name? Yup and I want the album on some sort of super-futuristic film or disc or slime or some shit too. I'm certain The Navigator would opt to simply slap me to death if I didn't put these guys on immediately - SOUND UNHEARD - once we have it in our possession. And figure out how to broadcast it.

So if all y'all out there connected - connect me.  We've got nearly 100 bands from Saskatchewan on the station, we just want that number to keep growing.


pilot (a) thecockpit ca

Sunday, 8 February 2015

We're coming for you Community Radio!

Its official we start broadcasting on 91.3 CJTR Thursday nights 11-12 end of Feb. We are very excited about the opportunity!

91.3 FM CJTR Regina Community Radio is a non-profit, member run broadcast radio station. We have enjoyed their programming since their inception 15 years ago and relish the chance to realize the goal of this project in its earliest inception.

We freely welcome our new Sky Lords!

Pilot and The Navigator (really just Andrew)