Wednesday, 18 February 2015

4 Lost Tracks

Every once in a while I go looking for a song I can't find.  If I want it in The Cockpit, I gotta get the MP3 or a CD or a Tape or a wax roll or something.  I'll pay, bite, steal and maybe even other things to get some of these tracks.

Streaming don't cut it.

So while I've found these tracks and loved e'm on Reverbnation, CBC or God help me if you've sent me there *gulp* MySpace, streamed but I can't buy, beg or steal a file.  Here they are in no particular order :

- Orbital Express - I feel like they're a #yqr classic - can't buy a thang online.  "March to Mars" or "Space Station Fornication" and anything else I can get my hands on.!/artists/Orbital-Express

- Barrel Murder - I happen to know I'm gonna have this one in less than a week.  So best get this one on my list now while I can.  "Falls Apart" and "Walsh Acres" are a must.

- The Bull North - Spent a wonderful night in a field in southeast Saskatchewan listening to this band.  Need to repay them a favour.  "When I Come Down" and "Man Against Sloth". Oh heck and "

- The Marching Martian Marshmellotrons - Am I looking for them because of their name? Yup and I want the album on some sort of super-futuristic film or disc or slime or some shit too. I'm certain The Navigator would opt to simply slap me to death if I didn't put these guys on immediately - SOUND UNHEARD - once we have it in our possession. And figure out how to broadcast it.

So if all y'all out there connected - connect me.  We've got nearly 100 bands from Saskatchewan on the station, we just want that number to keep growing.


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