Friday, 2 October 2015

Flight 31 - Radiothon Special - The Airshow/Self-Destruct Sequence

Tonight's show started off innocently enough as a musical air show.  Unfortunately due to Pilot's ineptitude, the self-destruct sequence was accidentally triggered, which created a very tense incentive to raise funds for Radiothon 2015.

We raised a few dollars and had some fun on the show, thanks to everyone who has donated to Radiothon 2015, it's your donations that keep community radio alive!

High Hopes - Junior Pantherz
Xcentrix - Pilot
Helicopters - Barenaked Ladies
Fly From Here Part I(We Can Fly) - YES
Cassandra Complex - Star One
Number City - Coheed & Cambria
Psychotron - Megadeth
Robot - Five Alarm Funk
Tripping The Alarm - Clutch
Money City Maniacs - Sloan
Hounds of God - Shooting Guns
White Riot - The Clash
Falling Bombs - Bigelf
Battle - Maxstone
Planet Smasher - Devin Townsend
Leave - REM
Thunder and Lightning - Bend Sinister
Nervous Breakdown - Breach of Trust
Microburst Alert - OSI
Mass Hysteria - Social Distortion
Murderer - Wintersleep
Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth Before it is Recycled - Porcupine Tree
CQ DX : Seeking Distant Stations - Bears In Hazenmore
The End - The Doors

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