Thursday, 13 August 2015

Flight 24 : The Cockpit Goes TO SPACE!!!!

Cosmos Rockin’ - Queen feat Paul Rodgers
Hyperdrive! - Devin Townsend Project
Countdown - Rush
Space Oddity - Commander Chris Hadfield
Enough Space - Foo Fighters
Starseed - Our Lady Peace
Astronaut - Wintersleep
Singularity - Linger
One More Astronaut - IME
Astronomy - Metallica
Terraform Mars - Carbon Dating Service
Galaxy Song - Eric Idle

Remember to check out the new Bears in Hazenmore EP "Airwaves" on Bandcamp.  It's a great album and it's "Pilot Approved"

Also apologies to NASA for first stealing then accidentally destroying the Voyager 2 Golden Record. The Navigator said you can have your pick of his Phil Collins records to make up for it.

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