Thursday, 9 April 2015

Episode 7 - Stairway to Heaven? Nope.

Mona Lisa - Dead Sara - USA
Sponsored this song and album through their online crowdsourcing campaign.
I encourage anyone who has a real passion for music to do this.
Fundraisers come with a reward of an album for the cost of an album which is a great way to give a band a leg up.

Put the Poison in My Body - These Estates YQR
Weird ass solo in this one…

I Can Barely See - Herb and the Humans - YQR

“One Night, One Show, One Cause” a fundraiser to help Mike Walsh who was recently diagnosed with lukemia with basic expenses involved in receiving treatment far from home.  @ The Exchange -
$15 @ the door -
Nick Faye,
Vintage Children and
Herb and the Humans,

Pick it up And Dial It - Sloan - Halifax
Chris Murphy and the Chocolate Bar.

Starlight Siren - Braindead Romeo - YQR
Ropes - Meadowlark Lemon - Sudbury
Connection with Sudbury’s Meadowlark Five

Stars  - The Fortunate Isles - YQR  -
Far overdue getting something on for these folks.  TFI played their last show a few weeks back downtown on Pat’s Patio.  So very sad to see them go, I played many good shows with them and they’re all a great crew.

Requiem - Toundra - Spain/North Africa
The One You Left to Die - The Pineapple Thief - UK
Sweet Disaster - Whitehorse - Hamilton
5/4 - iamthemorning - Russia
Karma Police - Easy Star All-Stars - Jamaica
I’m Not Falling Asleep - Andy Shauf - YQR

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