Friday, 20 November 2015

Flight 38

Wannabe in LA - Eagles Of Death Metal
Ultimate Nullifier - Shooting Guns

The Governess - Metric - We have a “Shit” in this one
Dandelion - Druckfarben

Tame as the Wild Ones - Whitehorse
All My Life I Have Been Running - Evening Hymns

These Chains - Goodbye to Gravity (Romania)
My Hands are Planets - EXXASENS (Spain)

The Futon Party - Moose Jaw Band
Hipercandombé - La Maquina de Hacer Pájaros (Argentina)

Banca Day - Derozer (Italy)
Homo Sapiens - Lazuli (France)

Words Between the Lines of Age - Neil Young - Off “Harvest” LP. Need to include the applause.
Exodus of the Year - Royal Canoe

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